Monday, March 2, 2009

I've been a stitching..

for a little baby Jack!!

Well this weekend, I knocked out the nursing cover, the taggie blanket, and I ended up doing a couple burpies, I hope thats ok Minta, Lord knows we could never ever have enough!! :) And I love me some pretty burpies... I always use them... except I wash and rewash the ones fairlight made me and use those over and over again... :)

This was so fun cause I have a couple baby girls due as well, and just assembly lined everything, and now all my baby shower stuff for March and April are done... woo hoo!

So without further jibber jabber... here is some of my present to Chelle. I also got her a Dick & Jane book to match all the fabric... and I still need to do the barrettes for Anabelle, and finish up my scrappy pages.


kt mac said...

so gorgeous Leslie. You have outdone yourself!!
I love the Dick and Jane retro fabric you have used.
and how much is she going to adore a red and white polka dotted nursing cover, it's just so her!!
just perfect :)

Aminta said...

Oh so cute! She will love it all. And of course I do not mind! LOL
I kinda felt bad about the fact that I had so much.... I mean..... that I took so much! I was just going to do the diaper bag and the burp clothes and blanket (blanket and burp cloths are out of the same material). Then she asked me to make a sling. Which I am thrilled to do. But is everyone okay with what I am doing?

Lisa said...

these are perfect, Leslie! Absolutly perfect!!!

Fairlightday said...

Leslie! These are darling! Absolutely perfect! She will be so in love with all of it. I especially love the taggie blanket. And you are right, you can never have too many burp clothes. I went through so many cloth prefolds, just using them as burpies. So adorable. Your on a roll, girl!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh My word, how adorable!!! I made her diaper and wipe case out of some red fabric with little white polka dots!! Everything is going to match so beautifully!! You did such a gorgeous job!!