Thursday, March 19, 2009

sweet Leslie + our little scrappy journal!


First off, a little Leslie update: As of this afternoon, she is still waiting for answers. Hoping for some tests and bloodwork and visits to specialists to explain some things, but nothing definite yet. I know she appreciates all of your prayers + emails so much. Thank you!

Next, I completely forgot to tell you how the delivery of Chelle's scrapbook went! I'm sorry! She was so surprised and excited and blessed! She loved it so much. She couldn't believe that we pulled it off behind her back- hehe, little does she know!! Seriously though, I think that it was such a great idea to give it to her early- I really believe that she thinks it is all she is getting from us! Yay! Jacy + Jess, I told her that you were going to be sending your pages straight to her. If anyone else would like to send some to her as well, just let me know and I will email you her address.

Leslie has all the photos from the big reveal on her camera, so I am sure that she will share them when she gets the chance. I am hoping to write my own little blog post about our weekend together tonight. It was such an amazing, special time. But you all were definitely missed! Hopefully someday we can have a big old blogging crafty weekend together- wouldn't that be the best?

How are all your projects for the shower coming?



Lisa said...

thaks for sharing Andi - I was wondering if you got the chance to give it to her.
So so glad to hear you girls had such a great time!!!

Leslie said...

ohh I will post pics soon,

girls you totally made her cry, it meant so so much to her. It really really did!