Friday, March 13, 2009

I promise pictures are coming!

I am so bad about posting pictures!
Of everything!
I do promise that they will be coming soon.
Get this...BOTH of my camera batteries have died :(
And BOTH of my chargers are lost :(
I'm so sad!

I have finished the diaper/wipe case as of last week and I am inlove with it!
The passy clip came and is OH SO ADORABLE!!!
I found the cutest little t-shirt for darling Annabelle and did a little decorating to it.
I didn't make the dead line for the scrappy journal, so I will be mailing my pages directly to Chelle, so that she can just insert them in herself...hope that's okay! :S I actually went ahead and stuck in the mail box last week sometime and when I saw the mail man had already ran, I decided to take it out and work on it a little more since it was so pittiful looking :( I really needed more glue sticks and paper so I got them today:D
And I am STILL waiting on a little tag/softy block that I ordered from etsy...if all else fails, I can just mail it to her later on.

I can't wait to share pictures...even if I have to purchase a new charger...someday my life will be less chaotic and I will be able find things because they are in their place lol

Love you girls and I am SO INLOVE with all the things that have been posted/created/made/ so cute and Chelle is going to love it all, I am so sure.

Hope you girls that are going to meet Chelle this weekend have a very safe trip...know that I am praying for your safety, hoping that you have tons of fun and envying you all at the same time!!!!


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