Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few questions

I feel like the internet has been betraying me for the last couple of days. :) I have tried leaving several comments on the last few posts here and for some reason haven't been able to. I finally decided to just post, but these were really just meant to be comments. (Unfortunatley when I posted originally I posted to the wrong blog and it published on my personal blog. BIG OOPS! Fortunately I deleted it within minutes, but I am hoping hoping that no secrets were ruined in the process of my error!)

First of all I am hoping to finish my scrappy journal pages today or tomorrow. I tried to email Andi, but don't know if it ever got through. I just need to know what address to send the finished pages to. Could some one email me with that info? wendindave(at)ameritech(dot)net

Thank you so much!

Leslie, you have done an amazing job with your beautiful handiwork!! I LOVE what you have made for Chelle and Jack. That fabric is perfect!

Jacy, I noticed on a comment you left that you have made a diaper/wipes case. I wondered if it was the same or similar to the one I had mentioned (You can take a look at the pattern I was considering in the comments section of the last post from me). If it is the same thing than just let me know. I haven't started my project yet and would be totally fine with doing something else. Just let me know! :)

This is so fun girls and I am thrilled to finally be seeing some finished products! It makes it all seem more real. One of the things I so loved about Leslie's shower blog was all of the amazing pictures of crafty projects that began pouring in at the end. You ladies have such talent!



Leslie said...


Thanks lady. The internet has been betraying me too! I can email you Andi's address!!

I dont think any secrets have been spilled.

BTW LADIES, I talked to Chelle yesterday and asked her what she still needs for Jack, she couldn't stress enough that she needs clothes... she promised hand-me-downs from nearby friends and noone has yet to deliver so she is feeling a little stressed by that. I am packing up some just 0-3 stuff Cade already outgrew (thanks to Dawna too!) and am shipping it her way... but if anyone else has anything not tons, but a little something maybe something from babies of your own. I think it would help her... :)

Fairlightday said...

Don't worry Wendi, I've had trouble leaving comments in the past few days as well. So I think it must be blogger and not any of us. :)

Thanks for letting us know about the clothes need Leslie. I'm sure we can all come up with a little something. :)

Aminta said...

Hey ladies!
So I was talking with Deb (Chelle and I's SIL) and she said that she and two other ladies were sending her boy clothes. And I have a ton I went through from Beau that I am bringing to her. SO though she is stressing, she doesn't know it yet.... but she has ALOT coming her way. :)

Leslie said...

oh awesome Minta... so glad to hear it!! She said she was expecting some .... !! So so glad!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh WENDI!! I feel horrible, because I am just now reading this post...and you are probably stalling because of me? I did sew a little diaper/wipe case for Chelle...!! :S It wouldn't bother me a bit friend if you went ahead and made her another!! She could swap out. It's up to you! I'm so sorry!!
Also, Leslie..I have TWO BOYS lol I have several adorable things I wouldn't mind a bit to pass on to Chelle dear. I had no idea that was her biggest need! Thanks for that heads up!
I'm sorry it took me this long!!