Tuesday, January 27, 2009

keeping our secret safe...

as the beautiful Miss Ashley mentioned below, if you join this blog, it will show up in your profile. And since we want to keep is a secret for as long as possible, here are the directions for removing it from your profile until after the reveal. :)

1. go to your Dashboard

2. click on Edit Profile

3. then scroll down a few options and it says " Show Blogs To Display "

4. unselect "Sweet Secrets - the shower blog"

5. poof, like magic it disappears from your profile, but not your dashboard...


hiya ladies!

i'm so excited to be a part of this special time in celebrating with chelle and the growing family on the birth of little jack!!!

i just noticed on my profile and wanted to pass along...that the shower blog showed up...don't know if anyone really looks at profiles once they are readers of someone...but I wouldn't to spill the beans by accident if she noticed it on any of our profiles...so i changed my settings.

Hello darling ladies!

So I was just going to let you each know that if you go to Chelle's Etsy shop favorites...... you will see on there she has a few items that she likes for little Jack. It will also give you ideas of what her taste is. :) Right now (if the house does not sell) she will have Annabelle and Jack in the same room...... and use primary colors, and if they do sell and wee Jack has his own room, well she has not decided. But I think that if you go with the "new" fabric designers, and vintage like items you will hit the nail on the head. She loves meaningful things. But, like I said, she does not have much room right now, and she is trying to keep everything clean. So, I would say necessary items are best! :)
Oh! And I have dibs on diaper bag, minky blanket and burp cloths.
Loves to you guys!


hey ladies...just curious if anyone knows what chelle has planned for nursery colors, etc. or what her preferences are in that arena. i was planning to make some little softie baby shoes for mr. jack and a few other goodies...but before buying fabric thought it would be good to know those little details! so excited about this!


Welcome to the
Sweet Secrets shower blog for
Chelle and baby Jack!

We can use this as a place to share our ideas,
projects, and sentiments
for Chelle, David, big sister Annabelle,
and Jack!