Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello darling ladies!

So I was just going to let you each know that if you go to Chelle's Etsy shop favorites...... you will see on there she has a few items that she likes for little Jack. It will also give you ideas of what her taste is. :) Right now (if the house does not sell) she will have Annabelle and Jack in the same room...... and use primary colors, and if they do sell and wee Jack has his own room, well she has not decided. But I think that if you go with the "new" fabric designers, and vintage like items you will hit the nail on the head. She loves meaningful things. But, like I said, she does not have much room right now, and she is trying to keep everything clean. So, I would say necessary items are best! :)
Oh! And I have dibs on diaper bag, minky blanket and burp cloths.
Loves to you guys!


Fairlightday said...

This is Chelle's comment to me when I asked about quilt fabrics: "I have been collecting, plus the left overs from Cade's quilt to make one for Jack...it's going to be boyish primary colors with browns thrown in, but it would be so very sweet to have something made up with baby blues like the Playtime Blue Bunnies for when he is just tiny. So hope that helps with your decision making."

I think you will be safe with anything red, blue, green, and yellow. Vintage style is always loved and handmade is always adored.
I think sticking with the basics is a good idea, since they're house situation is so up in the air. Pale blue, spring green, and light yellow to start with, perhaps?

I have dibs on the quilt! :)

have a lovely said...

fabulous tips ladies...great idea to check her etsy favs aminta!