Thursday, February 26, 2009

scrappy book -don't forget

ok ladies this is a reminder to take some extra time today or tomorrow and sit down and work on these pages, you should probably mail them by next week to make in time to present the book to Chelle... I know today during naptime Im working on mine!! I'll post them later.

And as promised, just late... pictures from my scrappy journal that you all made for me as inspiration, its really lovely, I adore it and look at it at least once a week, Rylan likes to look at it too, she knows its Cade's special book!! I will tell you I teared up so much seeing all the love you guys poured into it, amazing.

*ahhh I had more pictures but they won't load!!.. I am also going to post these pictures on my blog, remember to be cautious about comments!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm going to attempt...

To make a wipes/diaper case for Chelle and Mr. Jack. I found what looks like a pretty simple pattern. We'll see how it goes -I don't have a whole lot of experience with sewing. I really want to try though!

Now I get to have the fun of picking out fabric! :) I'll let you know how it goes and post pictures when I get to it.

Leslie, I think you had commented that you had, and enjoyed, a diaper wipes case. Does yours have a handle/strap on it? Do you think that is important? I don't think the pattern I found has a strap, but I could work it in.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Juices a' flowin!

So I got a bunch of the fabric for Chelle's surprise presents. YAY!

As most of us do, Chelle loves red. So this was my inspriration. She requested brown for the sling so as to match everything. I am not telling which fabric is for which project....... so that will be a little surprise. I still have a few things that I am waiting on. SO excited to get started.

I hope that these have started a few bee's a-buzzin' in your bonnets!

XO's, Minta

Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little more on the journal...

Hey girls!

Just wanted to pop in with a few more details about the journal/scrapbook for Chelle. Leslie told me that she really loved hers, so I am thinking that we should make Chelle's the same way...

* The journal itself will be 8x8 inches large

* Please make the pages no bigger than 8x8 inches and no smaller than 3x3 inches- I love how for Leslie's they all ended up being different random sizes!

* Please leave a 1/4 inch to 1/2 margin open on the left side without any writing or detail work on it. This way none of your lovely work will be cut off when I put it all together.

* Feel free to make as many pages as you want. For Leslie's some people made just one or two pages, while others did as many as five!

* You may use one side of the paper, or both. Both sides will be visable in the journal.

* Feel free to use any kind of paper, fabric, pictures, whatever to create your pages! I think that the beauty of these journals is in fact that they are made up of all kinds of random textures and color.

* You may include anything, as far as writing goes, on your pages. Some ideas: words of wisdom, quotes, poems, verses, photos/pictures, letters to Chelle...

* The deadline for sending in pages is: Tuesday, March 10 (that is about one month away), but the earlier the better!

* Please send me an email (talesofacraftymamaATgmailDOTcom) to sign up and I will send you an email reply with my home address.

I can't wait to see all of your beautiful pages!


P.S. Either Leslie or I will try to post some photos of her finished journal for you to see in the next few days...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey there all,

It looks like I'm going to be so blessed to get to go and meet the sweet Chelle in March, (along with Andi too) this hasn't been made public knowledge on blogs, but she does know Im going. Im so glad to go and do maternity pictures for her!! Yeah!!


Start getting ideas ready for her special book, we would love to present one to her on our little weekend, kind of like the amazing book you guys made for me, I adore it. We will get details up this weekend about it and hopefully you can get them sent.

Fairlight and I think it would be fun to give it to her and she might think thats her blogging surprise for Baby Jack then a couple weeks down the road when stuff is more finalized we can figure out a time to surprise her with all the special gifts we are working on. How fun is that!!! I think it would be a great way to build the secret.

Anyways.. if your even interested in making the special journal like KT mentioned below leave a note here, so we can see how much interest there is in it and if you think you could mail out a couple pages for it, in the next couple weeks. Any other ideas for this, let us know.

In other notes - Chelle sound sounded so great today!! Happy excited, and she said feeling GREAT!! Hurray for her and her kung foo kicker baby Jack!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Shower gift ideas!

Hey girls, so not much seems to be happening on the blog at the moment. you all still there?
So Fairlight and I thought we would get an inspiration and gift idea list up and running and hopefully get those creative juices flowing. Here's the list of gift ideas, items that Chelle is in need of (and items some ladies have decided to make) that we have so far. We thought although we don't know when or how the gifts are yet to be delivered it would be good to start planning on the actual gifts themselves. enjoy the cuteness...

Clothing items:
- soft shoes (amanda)
- baby legs
- onesies
- hats/beanie knits
- pants/tops

cute huh? this one from here.
Can anyone knit/crochet?

The 'Esentials':

- diaper bag (Aminta)
- Minky Blanket (Aminta)
- burp cloths (Aminta)
- quilt (Fairlight)
- bibs for baby (Leslie)
- tea towel bibs for when little man gets a little older (katie)
- diaper covers (kt) (fairlight)
- receiving/swadling blankets.
- cloth diapers (this is on her list of wants)!!
wonder if these are any good? or these?
- sling (we know she really wants on of these)
ring sling, mei tai carrier, pouch?
- nursing cover (leslie)
- changing pads. this one looks handy, easy to chuck in a diaper bag and simple in design to copy ;) this one too:
- pacifier clip $6 by FawnandFinch (this one was on her etsy wish list in the elephant print) - (jacy)Toys:

- stuffed toys - sock zebra (kt)
- sock monkey?
- soft blocks these ones with tags look fun too.
- taggie mini blankets. Simple cute idea.
- scrappy journal.
Did we want to re-do this idea as we did for Leslie?
full of wisdom, advice, and inspiration.
One person would start it, decorate a page (or 3)
and then mail it to the next person.
At the end we could add it to the collection of shower gifts
and she would have a whole little book full of
sweet ideas, lovely quote, picture inspirations,
notes, and blessings from all of her friends.
We would have to work on this one quickly,
with each person only getting a few days
before sending it on to the next person.
sending it around or each sending our pages to one lady?
- prints for room. Apparently she loves this print.
Super cute with little Annabelle and Jack's initals on it.

found on etsy here.
- baby diaper wipe case as seen here and here. Probally not a 'necessity', but cute right?

-children's books
to help start baby Jack's library.
Maybe really "boy" books such as
Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel,
Norman the Doorman,
the Billy and Blaze series,
Curious George, etc.
Primary colors and vintage or contemporary illustrations
would be an extra bonus. :)
-a hooded terry bath towel edged with a contrasting fabric

Gifts for Anabelle:

- baretts (Leslie)
- big sister presents anyone have any nice ideas?

So what do you girls think of all this? Please feel free to add in your imput and if any of these ideas appeal to you or get your creative juices flowing let us know if there is an item on this list you would like to make or buy for Chelle.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Ladies,

How great to once again be involved in blessing one of our dearest blogging friend as she awaits the arrival of precious little Jack!

I was wondering if we should start getting a list together of necessities that Chelle needs and sorting out which lady would like to contribute and make what? Like Fairlight did for Leslie's shower.
I know Fairlight is making a quilt and Aminta is planning on making a diaper bag, minky blanket and burp cloths and Amanda is making some of her soft shoes. I was thinking of making some little outfits (maybe an overall pair like I made for Leslie, 3-6 month size - in summer cottons?) and some bibs.

Does anyone else think a list is good idea, get these creative juices flowing? Would love to hear your input.

love kt x

ps. re Keeping our secret safe. I noticed some of you are also following this blog and that the blog is then visible on your profile page under 'Blogs I follow' you can select to follow the blog anonymously so your subscription is private.