Thursday, February 26, 2009

scrappy book -don't forget

ok ladies this is a reminder to take some extra time today or tomorrow and sit down and work on these pages, you should probably mail them by next week to make in time to present the book to Chelle... I know today during naptime Im working on mine!! I'll post them later.

And as promised, just late... pictures from my scrappy journal that you all made for me as inspiration, its really lovely, I adore it and look at it at least once a week, Rylan likes to look at it too, she knows its Cade's special book!! I will tell you I teared up so much seeing all the love you guys poured into it, amazing.

*ahhh I had more pictures but they won't load!!.. I am also going to post these pictures on my blog, remember to be cautious about comments!


Aminta said...

OH LOVELY! I had not gotten to see it, and I was afraid to add to yours Leslie. I had no idea what the concept was. I get a bit dumbfounded at times.
I am now oober-excited to make mine.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Loves, Min

Amanda said...

i'm with aminta...i didn't add to yours because i was overwhelmed and had no idea what to add. i definitely need to work on a page for chelles that i'm seeing pics of yours. just need to go back to the post and see what is involved!

kt mac said...

ooh yay. thanks for sharing these Leslie! how amazing do they all looked clumped together into a little book? Love it.
I sent my pages to Andi a couple of weeks ago (before my course started) cause I knew they just wouldn't get out if I didn't send them then.
can't wait to see everyones pages.