Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little more on the journal...

Hey girls!

Just wanted to pop in with a few more details about the journal/scrapbook for Chelle. Leslie told me that she really loved hers, so I am thinking that we should make Chelle's the same way...

* The journal itself will be 8x8 inches large

* Please make the pages no bigger than 8x8 inches and no smaller than 3x3 inches- I love how for Leslie's they all ended up being different random sizes!

* Please leave a 1/4 inch to 1/2 margin open on the left side without any writing or detail work on it. This way none of your lovely work will be cut off when I put it all together.

* Feel free to make as many pages as you want. For Leslie's some people made just one or two pages, while others did as many as five!

* You may use one side of the paper, or both. Both sides will be visable in the journal.

* Feel free to use any kind of paper, fabric, pictures, whatever to create your pages! I think that the beauty of these journals is in fact that they are made up of all kinds of random textures and color.

* You may include anything, as far as writing goes, on your pages. Some ideas: words of wisdom, quotes, poems, verses, photos/pictures, letters to Chelle...

* The deadline for sending in pages is: Tuesday, March 10 (that is about one month away), but the earlier the better!

* Please send me an email (talesofacraftymamaATgmailDOTcom) to sign up and I will send you an email reply with my home address.

I can't wait to see all of your beautiful pages!


P.S. Either Leslie or I will try to post some photos of her finished journal for you to see in the next few days...


Fairlightday said...

Thank you for putting this together for us again, Andi! I know it will be beautiful and something she will treasure forever.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Yaay!! I'm so glad we are doing the journal, I think she is going to treasure this forever!!

kt mac said...

I love this idea and am so glad we are doing it again!
I started mine last night while watching tv with the fam and am almost done - so fun :)

Aminta said...

Oh Ladies...... this will touch Chelle greatly. I for one (looks like EVERYONE included) love this idea. I feel badly that I was not more involved with Leslie's I did not see pictures, and am excited to see them when they get posted. :)
I tend to be an over thinker. Which makes this a difficult one for me.
I will try to get my thoughts to round out to a whole. lol!
Loves and so excited!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

So excited to be doing this again! The journal was one of my favorite parts of Leslie's shower. :)

have a lovely said...

what a beautiful keepsake!!! i would love to participate with a page, but I am going out of town on Tuesday for the rest of Feb. and all of March {a different city each week} so I won't be able to get it designed and created in time. I love love love that this will be getting to her first though...leaving her even more surprised by all the goodies later on!! Is there a time that we tentatively thinking for the gifts? I just want to make sure that if its while I'm gone then i can go ahead and mail my goodies to someone??