Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Ladies,

How great to once again be involved in blessing one of our dearest blogging friend as she awaits the arrival of precious little Jack!

I was wondering if we should start getting a list together of necessities that Chelle needs and sorting out which lady would like to contribute and make what? Like Fairlight did for Leslie's shower.
I know Fairlight is making a quilt and Aminta is planning on making a diaper bag, minky blanket and burp cloths and Amanda is making some of her soft shoes. I was thinking of making some little outfits (maybe an overall pair like I made for Leslie, 3-6 month size - in summer cottons?) and some bibs.

Does anyone else think a list is good idea, get these creative juices flowing? Would love to hear your input.

love kt x

ps. re Keeping our secret safe. I noticed some of you are also following this blog and that the blog is then visible on your profile page under 'Blogs I follow' you can select to follow the blog anonymously so your subscription is private.

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Leslie said...

I am planning on making Chelle a nursing cover, a couple of bibs, some barrettes for Anabelle, and still tossing around a couple of ideas. I also have a few other ideas, I will share soon!

This all sounds so perfect girls!