Saturday, March 28, 2009

ready for the mail....

finally had some time to bust out the sewing machine during naptime today, and i was able to finish up my little projects for chelle and jack and annabelle. i hope to box them up and get to the post office monday or tuesday but thought i would share some pictures first! :) the balls are three different sizes...the smallest jingles a wee bit, as it has a pouch of bells hidden inside, and the mid-sized one crinkles. the shoes...well, you've already seen those (and is the link, sorry it took so long to get it posted! here is another one...very similar). and, finally, a soft dollie for miss anniebelles! i can't wait to send these off, and oh what a lovely day it has been ignoring the messiness and enjoying some craftie time!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So excited to send these off for Chelle!!

I just wanted to quickly show a few things that have been recieved/made and OH how I am getting so excited to send these off for our dear sweet friend!

I have been recently informed that the plush blocks that I had ordered for Chelle on etsy are to arrive very soon!
I've been looking in my mailbox everyday as if it were a treasure hunt!
I am also in the middle of working on the most ADORABLE little Big Sis shirt for precious little
I am so so so excited about that!
And as soon as that project is done I am going to try to quickly sew up a little journal cover for Chelle.
Above is the passi clip, from Fawn and Finch that was on her favorites list!
It is the most darling thing ever!

And last, but not least, here are a few photos
of the dipey/wipey case I made, inspired by the very creative and talented KT, from a darling little purse/pocket book that she made for me during one of our swaps.
I am so inlove with the design, besides from carrying with me everywhere I go, practically, that I decided to sew the case similar to it.

Here is a not so good peek inside.

A little better?

Can't wait to see everyone else's photos of all the beautiful things in the making!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Late start...

I have been following along and reading all the posts. You are some of the most talented ladies I've ever known in my life! Such sweet sweet gifts you've all made. I hope you guys don't mind that I'm jumping in a little bit late. I've been working on my gift for a while, but it still isn't finished yet.

When it is done, it will be a cute little church vest for sweet Jack. Not quite as practical as some of your gifts, but when I saw the picture, I just had to start knitting. It was so charming. And since our lovely Chelle is so charming, there is no question that her wee lad will inherit the same qualities!

I will mail it out as soon as we get home from our trip and i finish the neck and arm bands! Thank you ladies for the daily dose of inspiration I get from this site when I visit!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

sweet Leslie + our little scrappy journal!


First off, a little Leslie update: As of this afternoon, she is still waiting for answers. Hoping for some tests and bloodwork and visits to specialists to explain some things, but nothing definite yet. I know she appreciates all of your prayers + emails so much. Thank you!

Next, I completely forgot to tell you how the delivery of Chelle's scrapbook went! I'm sorry! She was so surprised and excited and blessed! She loved it so much. She couldn't believe that we pulled it off behind her back- hehe, little does she know!! Seriously though, I think that it was such a great idea to give it to her early- I really believe that she thinks it is all she is getting from us! Yay! Jacy + Jess, I told her that you were going to be sending your pages straight to her. If anyone else would like to send some to her as well, just let me know and I will email you her address.

Leslie has all the photos from the big reveal on her camera, so I am sure that she will share them when she gets the chance. I am hoping to write my own little blog post about our weekend together tonight. It was such an amazing, special time. But you all were definitely missed! Hopefully someday we can have a big old blogging crafty weekend together- wouldn't that be the best?

How are all your projects for the shower coming?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

update on Leslie

Hey girls,

Chelle just sent out a couple of more emails about how Leslie is doing. We are hoping to talk to her today, but as it stands right now- she had a rough night but is at home now. Praise God! One of us will update more as soon as we hear anything. Thank you so much for praying!

I love you!
xo andi

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

please pray!

Dear sweet friends,

Some of you may have already gotten an email from Chelle, but just in case, I wanted to make sure that you all knew what is going on with Leslie right now. We had the sweetest weekend together. Seriously, so amazing. She is such a beautiful person and it was the best thing ever to be able to spend time with her in "real life" and get to know her better.

But while we were together she developed some new symptoms and after seeing her doctor today, has been admitted to the hospital for some issues concerning her heart. The plan earlier today was to admit her this evening and just monitor her for 24 hours, but she ended up having to be admitted sooner because she was having severe chest pain. Right now there are no answers as to why she is feeling the way she is- as she put it, her doctors are "scratching their heads". But she told Chelle and I to go ahead and share all this with you- I know she would appreciate your prayer support so much!

Thank you all for loving her so much! If you are interested in sending her flowers at the hospital, Chelle is organizing a little something to hopefully get to her tomorrow. And of course Chelle + I will keep you posted on what we hear!

I love you, dear friends!

Monday, March 16, 2009

monkey time!

Two little monkeys sitting on my couch...All stitched up and ready to move into Chelle's house! Mean and green and just in time for St. Patty's day. :) Little Jack's monkey has the polka dots. And I couldn't resist making a best buddy girl monkey with strawberry spots for Annabelle. I love that so many of you are thinking of big sis...I know it's going to be a big adjustment for her when Jack arrives! Can't wait to wrap up this little duo and drop them in the mail.
Hi Ladies! Just wanted to let you know that I ordered this picture from Chelle's "wish list" for her today...

I should have it by late next week. As soon as I receive it I will send it along to you, Aminta!
btw - I love all of the gifts you girls are putting together and I am getting very excited for Chelle! I think she is going to be thrilled!!!
Love - Lisa

Friday, March 13, 2009

I promise pictures are coming!

I am so bad about posting pictures!
Of everything!
I do promise that they will be coming soon.
Get this...BOTH of my camera batteries have died :(
And BOTH of my chargers are lost :(
I'm so sad!

I have finished the diaper/wipe case as of last week and I am inlove with it!
The passy clip came and is OH SO ADORABLE!!!
I found the cutest little t-shirt for darling Annabelle and did a little decorating to it.
I didn't make the dead line for the scrappy journal, so I will be mailing my pages directly to Chelle, so that she can just insert them in herself...hope that's okay! :S I actually went ahead and stuck in the mail box last week sometime and when I saw the mail man had already ran, I decided to take it out and work on it a little more since it was so pittiful looking :( I really needed more glue sticks and paper so I got them today:D
And I am STILL waiting on a little tag/softy block that I ordered from etsy...if all else fails, I can just mail it to her later on.

I can't wait to share pictures...even if I have to purchase a new charger...someday my life will be less chaotic and I will be able find things because they are in their place lol

Love you girls and I am SO INLOVE with all the things that have been posted/created/made/ so cute and Chelle is going to love it all, I am so sure.

Hope you girls that are going to meet Chelle this weekend have a very safe trip...know that I am praying for your safety, hoping that you have tons of fun and envying you all at the same time!!!!



Hi ladies! Since Jacy has the diaper/wipes case taken care of I have decided to give Chelle (Jack really) this adorable delicious baby hat! :)

How cute is this?! This was on her Etsy wish list. I am so in love with it. I saw that Sarah is knitting a hat, but I figure a few hats are just fine. :) I ordered it yesterday and as soon as I get it all packaged with a sweet little note from us I will get it sent out to Aminta.

I'm so excited that we have a date and plan in place. *grin*

I would love to see pictures of every one elses gifts!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

progress on the scrapbook...

Hey girls!

So sorry I have been MIA around here lately. Things have been really busy at my house the past few weeks. But I wanted to let you know that I have received all of the pages for Chelle's journal- I think! Please let me know if I am missing any...

I have pages from:
and Leslie is giving me hers this weekend.

I'll update more soon, I promise! Hope you are all having a happy week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your invited

Your invited to:
Sweet Secrets Shower

When: Saturday, April 18th
Where: the lovely Chelle's house
Who: Mrs. Aminta will be delivering our
gifts to the much loved recipient.

We will be sending our gifts to:
Aminta Bruzas
701 North College Street
Grangeville, Idaho 83530

More details to follow.
A chat? Some games?
Anyone have ideas?

is it time to set up when

this is all going down???

just curious.... :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

pics...and looking for input!

just thought i would share a pic of the little softie shoes i made for master jack. i still have fabric left and was thinking of making something else...perhaps some little blocks or a softie or taggie stuffed animal...but it looks like all those type of things are covered. SO...just wondering if anyone has any ideas or "needs" they can think of. i am thinking i will make a little doll for annabelle out of some of the fabric....i figure the primary colors are bright and fun regardless of the gender. any thoughts or suggestions? of course, i totally dropped the ball on getting a scrappy page in the mail...ugh...sickies and pregnancy is making me lose my mind!

the other thought/idea that has been floating around in my head are these blocks from a college friend's etsy shop. i was thinking of ordering some in primary, vintage-y type colors and having her put jack's initials on one side and annabelle's on the other. i hesitated with this idea though, remembering aminta's post about colors, etc. depending on whether the kiddos share a room or not. any thoughts?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few questions

I feel like the internet has been betraying me for the last couple of days. :) I have tried leaving several comments on the last few posts here and for some reason haven't been able to. I finally decided to just post, but these were really just meant to be comments. (Unfortunatley when I posted originally I posted to the wrong blog and it published on my personal blog. BIG OOPS! Fortunately I deleted it within minutes, but I am hoping hoping that no secrets were ruined in the process of my error!)

First of all I am hoping to finish my scrappy journal pages today or tomorrow. I tried to email Andi, but don't know if it ever got through. I just need to know what address to send the finished pages to. Could some one email me with that info? wendindave(at)ameritech(dot)net

Thank you so much!

Leslie, you have done an amazing job with your beautiful handiwork!! I LOVE what you have made for Chelle and Jack. That fabric is perfect!

Jacy, I noticed on a comment you left that you have made a diaper/wipes case. I wondered if it was the same or similar to the one I had mentioned (You can take a look at the pattern I was considering in the comments section of the last post from me). If it is the same thing than just let me know. I haven't started my project yet and would be totally fine with doing something else. Just let me know! :)

This is so fun girls and I am thrilled to finally be seeing some finished products! It makes it all seem more real. One of the things I so loved about Leslie's shower blog was all of the amazing pictures of crafty projects that began pouring in at the end. You ladies have such talent!


Monday, March 2, 2009

I've been a stitching..

for a little baby Jack!!

Well this weekend, I knocked out the nursing cover, the taggie blanket, and I ended up doing a couple burpies, I hope thats ok Minta, Lord knows we could never ever have enough!! :) And I love me some pretty burpies... I always use them... except I wash and rewash the ones fairlight made me and use those over and over again... :)

This was so fun cause I have a couple baby girls due as well, and just assembly lined everything, and now all my baby shower stuff for March and April are done... woo hoo!

So without further jibber jabber... here is some of my present to Chelle. I also got her a Dick & Jane book to match all the fabric... and I still need to do the barrettes for Anabelle, and finish up my scrappy pages.