Thursday, March 5, 2009

pics...and looking for input!

just thought i would share a pic of the little softie shoes i made for master jack. i still have fabric left and was thinking of making something else...perhaps some little blocks or a softie or taggie stuffed animal...but it looks like all those type of things are covered. SO...just wondering if anyone has any ideas or "needs" they can think of. i am thinking i will make a little doll for annabelle out of some of the fabric....i figure the primary colors are bright and fun regardless of the gender. any thoughts or suggestions? of course, i totally dropped the ball on getting a scrappy page in the mail...ugh...sickies and pregnancy is making me lose my mind!

the other thought/idea that has been floating around in my head are these blocks from a college friend's etsy shop. i was thinking of ordering some in primary, vintage-y type colors and having her put jack's initials on one side and annabelle's on the other. i hesitated with this idea though, remembering aminta's post about colors, etc. depending on whether the kiddos share a room or not. any thoughts?


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh Amanda!!!! I can not stress enough on how adorable those baby booties are!!! Can you come to my home and teach me how to make those? lol heheh I LOVE THEM!!! Jeepers!!
I wanted to say, go ahead and make Chelle a few softie blocks, if you like. Because I am only on the first one and I believe she could possibly use more, ya know? I'm afraid (because of a lack of time) I am only going to get around to making about three! :( And the fabric you have is SO ADORABLE...they would make such cute little blocks for baby Jack :)

Loves and Kudos on the booties :D

Fairlightday said...

Your booties are so cute Amanda. We all love them! :) I'm with Jacy and say make a few blocks. I don't think you can ever have too many. Or maybe a fabric ball, like this one?
I also think the wooden blocks are cool too. Annabelle and Jack will eventually share a room, but it will still be all vintage-y and primary colors. :)

Leslie said...

ohhhh gosh these are cute cute cute... !!
Can I ask you where your pattern for these are. I remember it was somewhere on line, and I was loving loving it, but never bookmarked it!

Ohhh btw... don't know how much fabric you had, but I adored those hooded towels for the babies matching.. I keep dying to take a picture of them both in them scooped up out of the bath, but wouldnt you know its always dark outside... they look so cute hanging in there bathroom.. and everyone that comes over comments on them!