Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Shower gift ideas!

Hey girls, so not much seems to be happening on the blog at the moment. you all still there?
So Fairlight and I thought we would get an inspiration and gift idea list up and running and hopefully get those creative juices flowing. Here's the list of gift ideas, items that Chelle is in need of (and items some ladies have decided to make) that we have so far. We thought although we don't know when or how the gifts are yet to be delivered it would be good to start planning on the actual gifts themselves. enjoy the cuteness...

Clothing items:
- soft shoes (amanda)
- baby legs
- onesies
- hats/beanie knits
- pants/tops

cute huh? this one from here.
Can anyone knit/crochet?

The 'Esentials':

- diaper bag (Aminta)
- Minky Blanket (Aminta)
- burp cloths (Aminta)
- quilt (Fairlight)
- bibs for baby (Leslie)
- tea towel bibs for when little man gets a little older (katie)
- diaper covers (kt) (fairlight)
- receiving/swadling blankets.
- cloth diapers (this is on her list of wants)!!
wonder if these are any good? or these?
- sling (we know she really wants on of these)
ring sling, mei tai carrier, pouch?
- nursing cover (leslie)
- changing pads. this one looks handy, easy to chuck in a diaper bag and simple in design to copy ;) this one too:
- pacifier clip $6 by FawnandFinch (this one was on her etsy wish list in the elephant print) - (jacy)Toys:

- stuffed toys - sock zebra (kt)
- sock monkey?
- soft blocks these ones with tags look fun too.
- taggie mini blankets. Simple cute idea.
- scrappy journal.
Did we want to re-do this idea as we did for Leslie?
full of wisdom, advice, and inspiration.
One person would start it, decorate a page (or 3)
and then mail it to the next person.
At the end we could add it to the collection of shower gifts
and she would have a whole little book full of
sweet ideas, lovely quote, picture inspirations,
notes, and blessings from all of her friends.
We would have to work on this one quickly,
with each person only getting a few days
before sending it on to the next person.
sending it around or each sending our pages to one lady?
- prints for room. Apparently she loves this print.
Super cute with little Annabelle and Jack's initals on it.

found on etsy here.
- baby diaper wipe case as seen here and here. Probally not a 'necessity', but cute right?

-children's books
to help start baby Jack's library.
Maybe really "boy" books such as
Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel,
Norman the Doorman,
the Billy and Blaze series,
Curious George, etc.
Primary colors and vintage or contemporary illustrations
would be an extra bonus. :)
-a hooded terry bath towel edged with a contrasting fabric

Gifts for Anabelle:

- baretts (Leslie)
- big sister presents anyone have any nice ideas?

So what do you girls think of all this? Please feel free to add in your imput and if any of these ideas appeal to you or get your creative juices flowing let us know if there is an item on this list you would like to make or buy for Chelle.


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Well, for one, I am getting so excited for sweet Chelle and little baby Jack....I'm going to try and purchase the passi clip this weekend and also wanted to make a note, that I was in the process (as of last night) making her a journal cover, wipe case, and maybe the soft blocks, sord of like Lesli's Cade, only a bit different of course :P I found some adorable sticker earings for Annabelle and thought about making her a big sister shirt, but I'm not sure what size she wears..does anyone know?? Also I think the journal and book idea woudl be great if we have enough time...:D


Fairlightday said...

Sounds great Jacy! I'll add it to the gift list in the sidebar. Annabelle wears a size 3T right now.

AndiMae said...

So sorry I have been MIA over here, girls! But I am so excited about putting all this together for our dear friend Chelle! I need to look over the list in more detail, but for now I am planning on making Chelle a little something like this:
It is a journal/scrapbook thing for her to fill in about Mr. Jack. Not so much of a baby book, as just a place to put little pictures and thoughts in the first few weeks/months.

I love the idea of doing a scrapbook for her as well like we did for Leslie. I think that it would be better to just send all of our pages to one person, rather than pass it around- especially with some people involved (like kt!) living so far away! I would love to help put something like that together, if you want...

I'll let you know what else I come up with...

Leslie said...


Ok can I swap, I will do a taggie blanket, and instead of the bibs. Im still doing the nursing cover and some barrettes for Anabelle! I need to get started. I have tons of showers next month, so next week I will work on all of this!!
You guys are awesome.

BTW Pleaes do the scrappy album.... I ADORE MINE. I will post pictures to my blog sometime soon (been meaning too) Its a prized treasure in my house and an instant reminder of how you girls pulled me through a hard time~!

Leslie said...

ohhh and a big sister shirt is a great idea.
I wanted one for Rylan and it was one of those things I never gotta around too.

or it could even be a Jacks sister... since they have a certain name!! :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh these ideas are all so much fun! Thanks for the info on the big sis shirt...Jack's Sis is so cute, Leslie!! I'm totally in, if we do the scrappy Journal, like we did Leslie's...I think she would totally adore it!!

kt mac said...

email from Aminta....

Hey ladies! So I could not comment on the shower blog and forgot and
started to leave a message on Fairlights blog. Could you erase it for
me Fairlight!?! oops!
So what I was trying to write was that I was going to make Chelle a
sling and Annabelle a matching for her baby along with a matching purse
for Annabelle. Sorry about this guys! My phone will not allow me to
erase any comments. I still do not understand my phone very well!
Loves! And thanks!!
P.S. She is not feeling very "with it" when it comes to the near
arrival... So maybe the sooner the better? For the shower that is.

kt mac said...

so glad you girls are liking these ideas. I just brought Amy Butler's Little stitches yesterday.. now my head is swarming with a dozen more great ideas oh o!

Leslie said...

oh no... is that book as amazing as it seems... :)
And Minta so so cute.. I bet Anabelle would LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Leslie said...

ohhh and I would say if someone knows how to make those diaper wipes case (not I said the fly) it is a necessity... I love not having to carry plain diappies in public to go change a little one... :) said...

OoOoH! I am all over that sock monkey!! I love all of these ideas. We need to post pics of all of the finished products here. I can't wait to see everyone's talents come together!!

have a lovely said...

hiya ladies...these ideas all sound great and so very special!! i am all over the baby legs and this little list has my ideas buzzing...

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