Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey there all,

It looks like I'm going to be so blessed to get to go and meet the sweet Chelle in March, (along with Andi too) this hasn't been made public knowledge on blogs, but she does know Im going. Im so glad to go and do maternity pictures for her!! Yeah!!


Start getting ideas ready for her special book, we would love to present one to her on our little weekend, kind of like the amazing book you guys made for me, I adore it. We will get details up this weekend about it and hopefully you can get them sent.

Fairlight and I think it would be fun to give it to her and she might think thats her blogging surprise for Baby Jack then a couple weeks down the road when stuff is more finalized we can figure out a time to surprise her with all the special gifts we are working on. How fun is that!!! I think it would be a great way to build the secret.

Anyways.. if your even interested in making the special journal like KT mentioned below leave a note here, so we can see how much interest there is in it and if you think you could mail out a couple pages for it, in the next couple weeks. Any other ideas for this, let us know.

In other notes - Chelle sound sounded so great today!! Happy excited, and she said feeling GREAT!! Hurray for her and her kung foo kicker baby Jack!


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

OH I'm so jeleous! I want to meet you and Chelle and Andi Mae!!! Why does is the distance so far in between!!??!! As far as the scrappy journal...I'm totally in...I loved our little book we put together for you, such a sweet keepsake ::D As soon as things are more finalized, just let me know where to send them to and I'll get them ready asap

Loves xoxo said...

You get to go meet her!? That's unreal. Am so excited for you!! The journal idea is awesome. She deserves a truckload of sweet pages and gifts. Can't wait to get started on my projects!

Lisa said...

what I wouldn't give to meet you girls.....
How exciting!!!

I love the idea of the journal and wish I had contributed one for you, Leslie - count me in for Chelle's!

LIttle Candle said...

So great about getting to go see Chelle! I know the pictures are going to be beautiful!
I would love to be a part of this journal...I'm in.
Also, I want to try and knit a couple of things for Jack. Maybe a hat and some booties.