Thursday, April 23, 2009

mission accomplished

The baby quilt is all finished!
Washed and dried, all soft and wrinkly.

(the front)

I hope you guys don't mind, but I am going to go ahead
and send it to her before little Jack comes.
I have a couple things in her box that she needs before and right after he comes.

(the back)

And I would love for her to have his quilt,
to use if she needs it, for when he is born.
My favorite 1st pictures of Sadie~Rose are of her
wrapped up in or laying on
the beautiful quilt that Chelle made for her.
I have hopes of her doing the same.

I will send another little something to Aminta
to include in the big shower.
You guys don't mind, do you?


kt mac said...

oh my goodness it is MORE THAN perfect... I just adore it and know she will too!!

And what a perfect use for the over sized ric rack. Its a great feature :)

and yes, I think you should send it before! I know from chatting to her that Chelle had high plans of making a quilt for Jack too but got too busy, she will definitely appreciate having this amazing creation especially when he is first newborn :)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Fairlight, this is amazing! I love seeing your beautiful work. She will absolutely love it! And yes, I think it will be wonderful for her to get it soon!

Anonymous said...

Absolutly stunning! You have such a talent for sewing. The ric rack looks so nice, what a wonderful idea. Chelle will just love it!

Send it off asap. I know she will love having that to wrap her newborn little Jack in!

Cottage Mommy said...

LOVE the quilt! You do amazing work...and I too think the ric rac is adorable! The fabric you used is perfect...great job!

Lisa said...

it is BEAUTIFUL, amazing work, deary!!!
Send away - she will love it!!!

Amanda said...

this is INCREDIBLE...gorgeous...fabulous...and yes, you definitely must send it away so it can be there for jack's arrival! :)

Leslie said...

it is amazing.
you have outdone yourself.

I totally kind of wanted to do the same, as she keeps telling me she needs a nursing cover..but mine is already mailed.

OH fairlight this is lovely..

Aminta said...

It is beyond beautiful! She is going to L.O.V.E. it!
No worries about the gift sent early. :)
I think I may have to do the same. She has called asking if I am going to make her a sling and a diaperbag...... because LONG ago I had mentioned both. So, I need to send them off! Before I do, I will be sure to post pictures!

Cottage Mommy said...

I got my necklace in the mail to Aminta last week. I tried to take pictures of it but either I am just a lousy photographer or my camera sucks...couldn't get a good in focus shot of such a small thing! Sorry I can't post what it looks like...Aminta, it's not wrapped so maybe you can if you want to! I wanted to wrap it all cute but that didn't happen and I needed to get it in the mail!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

It is amazingly beautiful, Fairlight! It's perfect!! I think she is going to just be so in awe over it and I totally don't mind you sending it off soon, so that she can wrap baby Jack in sweet!
Your talent is amazing friend!