Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{Shower Ideas}

I was talking to Chelle today.......

And she seemed maybe a tad bit overwhelmed. I am wondering if perhaps we should hold off until little Jack comes.
Thinking that it might be a bit more enjoyable for her. Right now she has all of these other things on her mind. And she has had ALOT of company. You know two girls week-ends, and un-expected younger brothers and such.
I was wondering what the rest of you ladies thought?


Leslie said...

She has had a lot of company, when are you thinking Minta??? Maybe May or June...

Fairlightday said...

Oh, I know she has loved seeing everyone, but she's seemed really tired lately. When exactly were you thinking Min? Let us know!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I am fine with this. I definitely want her to be able to enjoy it at a time that is best for her and at a time when it is going to be most enjoyable!

Aminta said...

I agree, she sooo has enjoyed her company! But at this time with so little time left... I just worry about it.
I started to think about it. If I go when planned she will be two and a half weeks shy of her due date. And with all of this, it may set her belly in motion. I know it wouldn't hurt to have Jack that early, but it would make things uncomfortable for her if I were there.
Is there anyway that we could just hold off untill she has Jack, and as soon as she does, we could plan the shower for two-three weeks after?
What do you guys think?

Lisa said...

sounds great Aminta - we all want what is best for her!!!