Friday, May 1, 2009

{Updates on dates}

Hello Ladies!! :)
So I was thinking on the week-end after this.... and if they are able to, they want to drive over for the wedding.
IF they do make it, I will be throwing her party then.... as long as everyone is alright with that.
So, if you are still needing to send your gifts, and want them to be given with all the rest, please send them to me ASAP.
I would more then likely be giving them to her the morning before the wedding.
I am doing hair for the wedding, and hope to be done and with her for an hour or so before hand.
Anyone have ideas???
Let me know what you think and how you feel.
I know everyone is anxious to get their gifts to her, but if anyone wants, I can drive over in a few weeks and throw a bigger one.
Anyhow, let me know!!!
Loves, Minta


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I really think that we should have it, whenever you think it would be best for her. I trust your judgment ;) I am going to go ahead and send some of my gifts to her, but unfortunately the big sis shirt is going to have to stay behind, until I can get the embroidery fixed :( I'm sorry! I feel so bad that I haven't gotten anything in the mail like I had planned, and I really did plan on sending it out This week. I'm only worried about her stress level, it seems like so much is going on right now for her, not knowing when Baby Jack will come, a wedding at hand, so much to do, so little are we going to have the chat like we did for Leslie, or is that too much right now? I didn't know I just wanted to make sure. It's fine with me if you want to have it next weekend, but I am all for a bigger shower later on as well, if that is what you ladies decide. It's all about what's best for Chelle.

Leslie said...

yes yes I think thats perfect Minta. I just want her to have her nursing cover. etc... :)

Amanda said...

i think that sounds fabulous...and with as much as she has going on, keeping it low key sounds like it might be a blessing to her currently! by the way, i am assuming my little package got to you, but i never saw it show up on the post you made, so just wanted to check in. :)

kt mac said...

hey all... just checking in sorry school has been SO busy!!
So I finally finished my items tonight and am going to send them off tomorrow. Unfortunately they wont make it there in time (it will take over a week due to international post..), so I am going to have to send mine directly to Chelle. I also have a couple of other things I am already sending, so this is a cheaper way for me than sending two parcels.. I will most definitely post pictures for you all though!
ps. I agree with the low key idea :)
keep us posed Min

have a lovely said...

sounds wonderful Minta! whatever you feel is best for her! so embarrassingly late in goodies my goodies to you...they are shipping today and i sent you the email confirmation for tracking. thanks so much for getting the goods to her for us!!! :)